Biofuels are bad, sort of…

I have to run a round table discussion on low carbon transport later today, so I thought I would do a bit of research which I guess is the appropriate thing to do. The notion of fuel and energy usage is of great concern, particularly for those of us who appreciate the completely unsustainable way in which society operates. Sadly this sometimes creating situations where well-meaning ideas are actually quite disastrous. Carbon offsetting looked good, but frankly it is just like misbehaving constantly and thinking that confession will absolve you (it doesn’t work like that with the environment at least).

Of course another one is biofuels and the general desire to have greener emissions from vehicles. There is a very interesting article that appeared in the Guardian on Friday intimating that biofuels are responsible for the world’s fuel crisis which was the finding of a World Bank report. Apparently, as the article states, a UK report will be out shortly saying the same thing. Taking away the emotion out of the issue, perhaps it is worthwhile pointing out that the concern is not with the concept of biofuels (or at least I think that is the case), but rather with the manner in which it is produced. There are other weird and wonderful ways of making biofuels, although some may not yet be ready for commercialisation just yet. Check out this Greenbang article for an example! I would cheekily point out that there are some incredibly efficient diesel engines out there that pretty much beat everything else in exsitence at the moment (including, dare I say, hybrids).

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