Technology Trials

I am presently trialing three things at present – KickApps and Webjam for European Young Professionals as earlier indicated – and more importantly, PlaxoPlus, for myself. I am at that point where I have way too many contacts and it was suggested that Plaxo’s premium services will assist with this. I am really looking forward to see if this works as I have no backup for my phone contacts – and three places where all my email addresses are stored!

In other news, it was interesting to read in the Guardian about some software that can be loaded on mobile phones that allows you to track your carbon footprint by virtue of GPS. This sounds really interesting but I wonder how accurate it really can be, particularly as different vehciles will have different carbon emissions (and of course if there is more than one person in a vehicle/ plane, what is the actual carbon emissions per person).

3 thoughts on “Technology Trials

  1. James, as you review alternatives, let me add that on Webjam you can of course create your own customizable branded network but that on top of it you actually get a proper publishing tool, the ability to let your users create their own networks within yours, and additional content & community management services should you need them. More on :

  2. James,

    For a phone back up – once you have used plaxo to sort out your contacts – try as it lets you do over the air synch of your phone which for me means it actually gets used – rather than needing to plug the phone into the PC.

    Also means you can grab a contact copy of your list for any handset you borrow.


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