Dirty bomb attack on Israel???

One of the various blogs I read is Blackfive, which I particularly respect because of the on-the-ground work they do in reporting what happens for the soldiers in Iraq. There was a really interesting report in my RSS feed about one of the ships hijacked by Somali pirates in recent weeks. Essentially the gist of the story is that an Iranian vessel on its way to the north end of the Suez near Israel was hijacked – the pirates who did this have subsequently been experiencing signs of massive radiation exposure. The cargo seems to have consisted of radioactive sand that could have been deployed in an airborne manner causing a real mess. There are some interesting reports on this – even something on wikipedia already. The ship, MV Iran Deyanat, seems to still be in pirate control with a number of friendly warships watching it – this will be a really interesting story to follow…

2 thoughts on “Dirty bomb attack on Israel???

  1. An interesting report for sure – but even if the pirates are suffering radiation sickness, I don’t know about the logic leap that the cargo was rigged for explosives and intended to be a dirty bomb attack.
    Interesting to see what is happens though (understatement).

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