A good read

My father sent me a copy of “Now or Never: A sustainable future for Australia?“, which is a Quarterly Essay series. The paper was written by Tim Flannery, an eminent Australian scientist. It is an excellent essay. Interestingly, he was quite supportive of clean coal initiatives which would put him at odds with the guys from Age of Stupid (Peter Postlethwaite and some of the others have vowed not to ever vote for the UK Government again if they support the building of a new coal power station in the UK. One of my soldiers asked me about whether it was a bit strange that I was committed to environmental matters while being an army officer, and I guess the right answer is that the military has to be very mindful of the effects of climate change. Recent natural disasters have highlighted that military forces have been crucial to the provision of aid (eg. tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, bushfires in Australia etc). It would actually be quite interesting to contemplate the different military scenarios and implications arising from this whole issue – what may military forces be called upon to do, what happens if food supplies and other resources need to be fought over…

In other news, we in Carbon Voyage are working on our next software release, which should be out in a few days time. As with any beta trial, we have been fortunate to get a whole lot of feedback which has now been incorporated into our technology roadmap, and many features will be coming out in the next few weeks.


November 17-21 is Global Entrepreneurship Week which is aiming to foster enterprise and innovation all around the world. European Young Professionals is hosting a big event in London as part of this. If you interested in coming, you can register here. Our speakers include:

Shed SimoveShed Simove Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove, otherwise known as the Ideas Man, is a modern day entrepreneurial genius. He’s a TV Producer (Big Brother, Big Breakfast, Space Cadets), a Bestselling Author (‘Ideas Man’, ‘Presents Money Can’t Buy’), a Product Designer (‘Cock A Doodle Pad’, ‘Control-A-Man’ & ‘Control-A-Woman’ Remote Controls, ‘The Designer Beaver’, ‘The Gaydar’), a successful corporate speaker and an award-winning stand-up comedian among other achievements…

Check his recent Channel 4 Three Minute Wonder piece here.

Sháá Wasmund


Sháá Wasmund, best known for being the whiz kid who helped build the Dyson brand and being a leading internet entrepreneur, has many accolades to her credit including being named one of Management Today’s 35 women under 35, and one of Britain’s “Young Guns” – the brightest young business stars of 2007.  Sháá has advised many businesses, from the government to social networking phenomenon Bebo. Sháá is an intrinsic part of the new wave of UK Entrepreneurs combining real entrepreneurial drive and experience with a genuine desire to encourage and inspire others. Shaa’s latest venture, Smarta.com is an online business platform supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs.

This is a flagship event for Speednetwork the Globe, part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which was founded by Make Your Mark and the Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest foundation dedicated to entrepreneurship. During the week, 17-23 November 2008, young professionals from around the world will be involved in thousands of events and activities celebrating enterprise.

In the lead up to this event, we thought it would be a great idea to establish a website where we could get people from all around the world to upload a quick video where they tell everyone what they would like to see – whether it be related to climate change, innovation, equality – or even making sure a sports team wins a competition. So check out WeWantToSee!

It would be great if you could take part in this and tell loads of people to participate as well. The site has just gone live, so there is not a massive amount of content just far.

Thanks in advance!

Dirty bomb attack on Israel???

One of the various blogs I read is Blackfive, which I particularly respect because of the on-the-ground work they do in reporting what happens for the soldiers in Iraq. There was a really interesting report in my RSS feed about one of the ships hijacked by Somali pirates in recent weeks. Essentially the gist of the story is that an Iranian vessel on its way to the north end of the Suez near Israel was hijacked – the pirates who did this have subsequently been experiencing signs of massive radiation exposure. The cargo seems to have consisted of radioactive sand that could have been deployed in an airborne manner causing a real mess. There are some interesting reports on this – even something on wikipedia already. The ship, MV Iran Deyanat, seems to still be in pirate control with a number of friendly warships watching it – this will be a really interesting story to follow…

Some great stuff on Youtube

Following an article on one of the blogs I read, I can across some absolutely hillarious posts on YouTube. On one level they are somewhat concerning in terms of the subject matter, but the semantic gymnastics are absolutely funny. They relate to US congressional hearings over the use of torture and the star actors are David Addingtion and John Yoo. I think my favourites are:

End of June and Exciting Times ahead in July

Yet again, I realise that it has been way too long since my last post…

Our event with Firebird and the Moldovan Embassy went well (almost sounds like the name of a Harry Potter book), although to be honest, we had a few too many people there. It had been a slightly tough issue as we had initially planned for 50 maximum, but in the end we had over 150 at the event.

The EYP team at the Moldovan Wine EventHere is a great picture of our team (or rather part of it) with David from HBJ Wines, our corporate wine partner, and Gheorghe, the First Consul of the Moldovan Embassy. I was really pleasantly surprised with the wine and actually used the Firebird Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at an army function on Friday night and it was very well received.

On Sunday, the team got together to start finalising our strategic plan for the next year and beyond, which should see EYP expand beyond the UK (and Thailand) into other countries. It is very much like a start up business (or perhaps a start up social enterprise), and what we are doing in London is the concept demonstration of what we want to roll out elsewhere. We have now finalised our venue for our July get together which should be lots of fun (it has a nautical element to it)…

On the evening of 18 June, I went along to the first birthday of Greenbang, which is a very cool news site focused on environmental business and technology. It was a fantastic evening and there were a lot of cool people there; the readership also has a great number of entrepreneurs in it so it is particularly encouraging to see the innovative approaches people are taking to solving some of the big environmental and sustainability issues that we face around the world. It is always interesting to consider the new business ‘environment’ that I am in which has a heavy environment focus (pardon the pun). As a military, conservative voting, capitalist type of person, there may be some sense that I am now doing something that is rather incongruous with my persona. Some of the military blogs I read are certainly dismissive of the environment – however I think that it is a dire error on behalf of military people to ignore the potential environmental issues that the world faces. Whether it is a humanitarian crisis due to starvation or flooding, or indeed a need to secure natural resources, there are a large number of scenarios where military force will be involved in environmental concerns in coming years. And I also sense that it is business that really is showing the way in terms of finding ways to become more sustainable (and I think this is borne out by evidence as well).