Being studious in my posting!

I thought that I should try and make sure that I post again given the length of time between posts (at least it is only a month this time). The last month has absolutely flown by. GoLow is now starting to really take shape as a business which is very pleasing to see.  Yesterday, I was at a conference hosted at the Said Business School on Climate Change. The opening speech was by Sir David King talking about the threat of climate change, and it was perhaps the most compelling speech that I had heard about this issue.  One of our ‘sister’ companies used this as a bit of a launch event – check out 2Degrees. Oxford University is establishing a really exciting organisation called the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment which should provide great opportunities for identifying how business can address the issues of sustainability and climate change.

The other big exciting thing that I am involved with at the moment is European Young Professionals. This is a great organisation, and I am incredibly fortunate to be the CEO and closely involved in seeing it evolve. EYP has quite a lot of members (i.e. thousands) in Bangkok and London and events are run in both locations around 9-10 times a year. We are working on our strategic plan for the next few years, which is almost complete, and we have some really great relationships starting up with other social enterprise ventures and some corporate partners. I am getting involved in speaking at a few events at the moment; last week I spoke at a Make Your Mark event about EYP and it was really exciting to see some of the enterprising activities that are taking place around the UK. Next week, I have been kindly invited to speak at an event in London for the Network of Entrepreneurial Talent, on a boat on the Thames no less! It should be really fun.