The Firebirds of June and other things

So, I have been a little slack in posting recently although there have been a range of rather interesting things I had hoped to post about.

European Young Professionals is moving into a really interesting phase of life at the moment. Next week we are holding our monthly event and I think it marks a transition into a bigger, bolder set of functions for our members. We are doing a wine tasting with our corporate wine partners, HBJ Wines of Firebird, the most successful Moldovan wine to enter the UK market. The Moldovan Embassy here in the UK is even taking part which is great news. And TM Lewin is also joining the fray as another corporate partner which is also nice. As an organisation that regularly gets 150 to an event, it is interesting to note that it is far better subscribed than most networking organisations I see around the traps. It is starting to take up quite a bit of time, so it is nice to see that we have a few more people joining our committee :p

On a more serious note, the Renewable Energy Foundation released a report last week that I had the privilege to read about a month ago before it was sent out. It discusses the UK electricity industry between now and 2020 and highlights some very concerning trends and potential scenarios. There are some clear problems existing in this industry in terms of supply. It can be downloaded here and is certainly worth a read, particularly in terms of putting the debate for renewable energy in a context of the UK’s electricity needs and the associated costs. I will be going to the Micropower Council dinner on Wednesday night which should be very interesting as well.